Belt buckle styles

Belt buckle styles

The bigger your belt buckle the less formal it is. Dress belts typically have very small, flat belt buckles (and tend to be narrower belts themselves).

Larger buckles with rounded shapes are common on more casual styles. Almost all dress belts will have either a gold-colored or silver-colored finish.

  • Buckles with a tongue: In these cases, the belt slides through a loop of metal.
  • Belt Buckles with a hook: A plate made of metal or plastic is attached by slipping a hook on the back of the buckle through the front of the belt.
  • Buckles with a sliding hatch: The belt goes through a metal latch, where a peg presses the belt in place.
  • Braided belts: Since the belt is woven, there are no holes. Instead, the tongue can slip between any of the bands.

The classic frame style is the most formal one. If you pair it with a black belt, you’re set for black-tie occasions.

Buckle Styles

  • Frame styles: The essential style of formal men’s belts – a simple rectangular shape.
  • Plates: They are usually decorative and informal, common on cowboy and biker belts. These belts feature a hook towards the back which goes through the strap.
  • Box frame: The box is hollow and the belt passes inside it, with a peg that keeps the belt in place inside. This means that these belts require no holes.
  • D-Ring: One-or-two rings make the buckle and the belt is fastened by threading through them, usually a casual style.
  • Snap buckles: This is made up of two ends that snap together like a seat belt. They’re not often used unless trekking the outdoors.

Strap Styles

  • Leather is the tried and tested option – it’s much more formal than other styles, but keep in mind the color and shading, as that will change the formality of the belt.
  • Leather-backed ribbon allows you to stand out from the crowd with bright colors. They usually go well with activities such as sailing, and pair well with boat shoes.
  • Canvas is commonly used with uniforms with plain buckles to emphasize functionality.
  • Webbing is a material often used for the outdoors. Don’t pair this with a suit.
  • Vinyl is cheap and colorful. They are certainly part of a young man’s game, worn often to instill a rocker aesthetic.

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