How to buy men’s belts

How to buy men’s belts

Very similar-looking belts sometimes vary widely in cost.

Flex the belt to make sure it hasn’t turned brittle or started to crack. Another good test of leather is to score the back very lightly with your fingernail — if a faint line appears, the leather is still soft and fresh. Old, hard leather will resist your nail.

Construction is the other major factor affecting the price of a belt. Look for small, tight stitching with no loose ends wherever the leather has been sewn.

Buckles attached with a snap on the back of the belt can be changed out, while a buckle stitched in place is the only one you can wear with the belt – some men may find the flexibility of a snapped belt worth paying more for, especially in good leather.

Men’s belts can even be custom-cut at some leather goods stores.


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